Evolution Aqua Air Pumps (Airtech) Reviewed

Air pumps are not exactly a piece of equipment to get excited about but they are essential for any koi pond. There’s a lot on the market and they all pretty much do exactly the same thing and work in the same way. Deciding which one to spend your hard earned cash on is no easy decision. In this article I take a close look at my experience with the Evolution Aqua Air Pumps range.

What Makes a Good Air Pump?

The single most important factor when deciding which air pump brand to buy is RELIABILITY! Aeration is essential in a koi pond especially during the warmer months and the last thing you want is your air pump failing at the height of summer. On a commercial level this becomes even more important as ponds are often very heavily stocked and in my case I have water temperatures in excess of 25 Celsius during the summer months. Even at 100% saturation the water holds very little oxygen at such temperatures so the air pumps are vital.

During all my years in the industry I have sold and used various different brands but for the past decade it is the Evolution Aqua Air Pumps (formerly Airtech) that have been my brand of choice. At current I have over twenty of them running and for me they tick every box, in fact there has only ever been one that I’ve had a problem with.

Evolution Aqua Air Pumps
Image courtesy of Evolution Aqua.

There a several things that impress me with them and here’s what they are;

Reliability & Durability

The air pumps that I own have really been put through their paces. The vast majority of them spend the summertime inside my greenhouses where they become incredibly hot. I’ve had others in the past that simply couldn’t handle such conditions, external water pumps included! Others stand outside to face whatever the elements throw at them 12 months of the year and some have been half filled with water from back siphoning where check valves were not in place. Plus like I’ve already mentioned only one has failed me so far.


These are a crucial component in the majority of air pumps and can also be one of the biggest problems. These small pieces of rubber can split and when they do the air pump will no longer produce any air and instead just become incredibly noisy. I can’t lie and say I have never had to replace any of these parts because just lately I’ve had a couple break after being turned off for the winter season. From what I can recall however this is the first time any of them have required changing with the newest of what I own now being 4 years old.


The quoted maximum pumping depths are still some of the best available if not the best. Don’t take it for granted that air pumps will work at any depth because it simply isn’t true. I have seen air pumps fail at depths of 2 metres or more and although this is not a common depth it’s one that all the Evolution Aqua air pumps are capable of delivering at. Although mine are now aging with very little servicing having ever being done to them (just like we all fail to do) they still continue to pump strongly.

2 x Evolution Aqua Air Pump 130’s running fluid bed filters.

Evolution Aqua Air Pumps are priced at the higher end of the market but the cost is justified. This essential piece of equipment is not something you can afford to be unreliable. When you invest your hard earned cash you want a product that will perform and last. I can personally vouch for Evolution Aqua Air Pumps and have done so with my own money on more than one occasion.

For more information and technical details visit the Evolution Aqua website at https://evolutionaqua.com/airpumps.

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