Hikari visit to the UK

Back in the days of my dad’s aquatics shop, when I was about 16 years old, we used to deal with the koi food specialist, Hikari. We stocked a lot of their high quality dry products and always found that Saki-Hikari was one of our top sellers, despite it being the most expensive fish food in our shop. To this day I still rate it as one of the most advanced koi foods available and consider the research and development behind the probiotic Hikari Germ bacteria in the food to be unrivalled.

At the time, Pedigree managed the UK arm of Hikari and we’d been speaking to them about developing a new product selection to meet our customers needs. Specifically we suggested making their smaller size pellets available in a mid-size bag which they didn’t do at that time.

The Hikari visit

Hikari are a great company and actively listened to our request, so much so that when a UK tour was organised for the President’s daughter, Machiko, and Hiroki Tamita, Head of European Sales, they arranged to visit our shop and hear more about our suggestion.

During their visit I happened to mention that I had spent a lot of time in Japan working with a range of breeders, including Nogami Koi Farm. When the President’s daughter heard this she immediately reacted and disappeared out of the shop! Wondering what she was doing, we continued to talk to Hiroki about our business and our success with their product range.

It turned out that hearing about my experiences with Hisato Nogami she had called him to check I was genuine! Following the call Machiko returned to the shop, clearly impressed with the level of dedication and experience I’d gained at such a young age.

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