The Next Generation of Koi Keepers

I have been surrounded by fish all of my life, so it was probably inevitable that they would become a part of mine . The day I was born my Dad accidentally overdosed a pond with formalin when my Mum went into labour and he had to rush her to the hospital.

Make no mistake I was never pushed into getting involved with the family business it just happened organically. So fast forward a couple of decades and history is repeating itself. My two children, Arthur (aged 4) and Harriet (aged 2) absolutely love getting hands on with the koi.

Arthur has a soft spot for “yellow ones” and already has his own pond up at Koi Wholesale. Every time he visits there’s normally a couple of new additions at least, his Yamabuki Ogon is still a firm favourite however! Harriet is obsessed with feeding them and thankfully she’s not there all the time because my food bill would sky rocket.

My two little helpers have spent plenty of time practising their skills during lockdown this week. Arthur continues to blow my mind with his ability to handle koi, it just comes so naturally to him. While little Harriet has certainly got to grips with using a net.

It’s hard to contain the excitement when they’ve got a net in their hands but given how young they are I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve learned already. It won’t be long until I can get them on the payroll!

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